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7:30 AM (4761 days, 16h, 25min ago)

weekend vacation

Hi guys,


Ein Gedi is an oasis on the western shore of the Dead sea, the lowest point on earth, some 400 m. below sea level. Extreme heat and aridity prevail in this desert region throughout most of the year. But perennial fresh water springs (Ein is Hebrew for spring) flow down from the high cliffs of the Judean Desert and have made permanent settlement and agriculture possible since ancient times.


Ein Gedi, a haven with over 800 unique and rare species of trees, shrubs and flowers from all over the world.


We have spend 3 days there. We went on Thursday and came back this afternoon. 1.5 hour drive and it seems like another country.

It was pouring rain here in the center when we left...... and arrived to a not to cool day in the south. Yesterday it became warmer .





On Saturday, I took place in a "10 km walk" race I wear summer cloth. It was hot.


The results were horrible. Obviously, I am not in shape. I blame General winter for it........, some of my lazyness.. and the 6 kilo I gained...... yak. 

1:26:40 , 5th among 15 other women in 50-60 age group and 50 among 126 other runners % walkers incl men.

First place at the half marathon race took a man from Kenya. It was a delight to see him. As if gravity doent rule on him.  Fantastic.

Just wanted to share some nice pic's from this weekend. Nothing to do with food I am afraid.





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Posted by alex jones:

I enjoyed watching those picures! It is great that you`ve spent your vacation in such a way!
31.8.09 @ 5:28 PM (4200 days, 7h, 27min ago)

Posted by Pat in Nashville:

Fabulous pictures! Glad you had such a great vacation. Now, back to the salt mines! Need recipes...!!! ~ Pat
18.2.08 @ 8:52 PM (4760 days, 3h, 2min ago)

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