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2:09 PM (4376 days, 13h, 15min ago)

The vanished poppyseed cake


Why vanished you may ask? Cause I made 2 english cake size baking dish yesterday and there is nothing left. Completely nothing........ goes to show, this cake is one of the best ever made.

This  recipe is for the memory of Esterke Gershon.



What you need..............?


100 gr'  ground poppy seed ( I always buy 4 X 100 gr' each and place it in the frizer)

1 C sugar

100 gr' room temp. butter

2 eggs

2 C flour

1 sack baking powder

1/3 C milk

1/2 C butter milk

1 grated lemon peel.


Pre heat oven to 180*C/360*F.

Combine all.

Bake for 30-40 minutes depends on your oven. The cake is ready when it breaks in the middle.

Sprinkle with  sugar powder .

Better double the amount........


The original recipe comes with chocolate glazing. I did without.




















































































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