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10:01 PM (4754 days, 9h, 44min ago)

Its been a while


We went to a "Walking" event.  I took the 20 km track while Uri & Lorrie took the 7 km. I dont know till now from where I got the idea and desicion to go to that 20 km track but I did and I have finished it.

20 Km in 2.5 hours. Up hill, down hill , almost felt like a goat. On a road (no road)  on a sunny and hot saturday we went to this event in the Negev (desert). South of Israel. Down Zin Canyon (see pic) , up to Ein Avdat national park. 

We slept over there on Friday (in order to be able to participate in the 1st team at 07:30 AM on Saturday) in "Sde Boker" desert kibbutz . In addition to being a pioneer in desert agriculture, Sde Boker is well know for one of its most famous members in the past - David Ben Gurion, Israel first prime minister and one of the central founders of modern Israel. One of its two great leader's ever.

It was hard but I did it. I did.!!!!!! I am so proud of myself......

I love walking.  I am walking with one of my girlfriends  between 6 - 8 km each evening (beside  weekends).



Hope you all had a great holiday. Here's a fantastic pea soup which is so easy to prepare, you'll be amazed.

Winter started last week with all its force, mind you, now its nice weather again, and my daughter wanted a soup. I had nothing in the house beside tomatoes and cucumbers, talking about veggies, so I browse all over the kitchen and found dry peas.

Luckily my daughter loves peas as she hate everything else. She doesn't eat beef, neither chicken, she doesn't like tomato soup, nor lentil soup . As I said, I was lucky to find the peas.

So, here's what you do.

1 beg of dry peas

1 tomato (grated)

1 carrot (grated)

1 onion

2 tabs oil

salt, pepper and soup powder

and water of course

Fry onion in oil in a large pot. Add peas and conti. to fry. Add carrot and tomato and mix well. Season, pour water (the amount is up to you), bring to a boil and then cook on lower heat until ready about 1 - 1.5 hours.

Now, isn't it easy?

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See ya' soon




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