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3:43 PM (4486 days, 13h, 48min ago)



Hello all,

My father reached 79 , and  I've organized a small gathering for this evening . We will have chopped liver with lots of onions for starter, then chicken in grenadin sauce, green salad of course and potatoes with onions and parsley (recipes follows)

For the cake, I took 3 sour apples, peeled & sliced, put in a bakind dish, pour over brown and dark brown sugar (see pic below)  with cinnamon (for your taste), then in a ball, put 1 cup sugar, 100 gr' room temp. butter and 1 cup flour. Work the dough to crumbs and pour over apples.

Put in pre-heated oven , 180*C/ 360*F for about 30-40 minutes, depends on your over or until crumbs crust is brownish. So easy and so quickly to make. The fact that it doesn't have dough in the bottom will save us lots of calories .

it will be served with vanilla ice cream, of course....


Recipes for chicken will follow next time.

As for the potatoes.. ....  take small potatoes , you can use even the one's which are suitable for microwave, cook until tender. Take out and cool a bit.

In a pan pour 2 tabs olive oil and 50 gr' butter, insert in slices of 2 onions, (I used white and purple one's), fry for a minute, add the potatoes, mix a bit until all potatoes are coated with the butter and olive, fry for some minutes and add chopped parsley, season with salt and white pepper. Mix some more until all ingredients will blend well. And here's the result.....


Enjoy your weekend.

Love ya' all




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Posted by jasa aqiqah:

great blog and ty for share it:):):):):):):):):):)
10.12.19 @ 6:34 AM (44 days, 21h, 57min ago)

Posted by kompi ajaib:

thanks for the recipe this recipe is very good and I will try the recipe after this
21.10.19 @ 5:39 AM (94 days, 23h, 52min ago)

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